Restoration AND Reconstruction

ProFix 24/7’s professionals can simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas.

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Whether a catastrophe causes a simple inconvenience or a dramatic loss, change disrupts life. The restoration professionals at ProFix 24/7 understand the anxiety of a loss and the stress caused by life’s disruption. When we complete your building restoration and reconstruction project, we want you to have a sense that your life and future have been restored, too.



Carpentry Structural repairs, Flooring, restoration & replacement, Plaster & drywall repairs, Painting, Windows & doors, Insulation, Electrical & plumbing repairs & replacement,  Roofing repair & installation.

Custom Interior Contracting

Transform your space with Custom Interior Contracting - expertly tailored to reflect your unique style.


Renovate with precision and creativity - our expert team brings a tailored approach to every project.

demolition and debris removal

Efficiently clear the way with Demolition & Debris Removal - our expert team ensures a thorough and swift process.
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