From cutting-edge tools to specialized machinery,our rental service provides access to the industry'sbest equipment for your restoration project.

Water Damage
Restoration equipment

Water can cause the worst kind of damages in your home. Not only does it weaken the structural integrity of your house, but it will also penetrate tight spaces and make it a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It can also prove to be a biohazard. ProFix 24/7 recommends using 5 fans, 1 dehumidifier and 1 air scrubber for every 1000 sq. ft. of space that needs restoration. If the basement has rooms you may need more equipment, call 847.999.3500 for more information.

Fans and Ventilation

25.00 USD/Per Day
Use for faster drying and better results. Speed dry for: Carpet, tile or hardwood floors plus closets, cabinets and other tight spaces.

1 fan for 120 sq. ft. closed space.
1 fan for 250 sq. ft. open space.


125.00 USD/Per Day
Dehumidifiers play a crucial role in the extraction of water retained by building materials and other hard-to-access moisture-prone areas, effectively contributing to the overall restoration process.

1 Dehumidifier for 500sq.ft.

Air Scrubbers

100.00 USD/Per Day
Air Scrubbers provide high-efficiency air filtration to handle the indoor air quality needs on every restoration job, including damage caused by sewage, mold or fire.

1 Air Scrubber (500 CFM) for 2000 sq.ft. for small homes. 1 Air Scrubber (1000 CFM) for 4000 sq.ft. for large homes.
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Choosing The Right Rental Equipment For Your Needs

In your time of need, you want a partner – not a supplier. The right equipment rental company is one that has the industry’s best, highest-performing and innovative products – one that understands the critical issues in managing catastrophic remediation and restoration. By choosing ProFix 24/7 as your rental partner, you’re not only getting top-of-the-line equipment, but also the 24/7 support and expertise of professionals trained in remediation and recovery.
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